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Please See Our Note On Entrance Page



Please Read Carefully



Return of the Submitted Material


General Rules

  1. If you want  to receive an answer and/or your material  to be returned, you must enclose a Self-Addressed Envelope (SAE) suitable for your choice (answer only, or answer and return of material both) in correct size with correct value stamps on it.

  2. Any and all hard copy material (paper printout) submitted without such SAE will be kept only for six weeks following the date of the receipt of the submission and will be disposed safely at the end of that time.

a) material will be returned to the submitter, provided that the conditions set on rule I above are met; or,

b)  in case rule I is not met, then rule II above will become applicable.



Submissions made from Abroad   (Non-UK Submissions)

  • All that above in "General Rules" section applies; and, in addition:

  • SAE needs to be prepared reflecting the requirements of international mail between the UK and the country of the submitter, and thus provided with either:

a) SAE should be prepared with UK stamps, if the submitter has means to obtain them; or,

b) IRC (International Reply Coupon) with the correct value for postage between the UK and the country of the submitter. Michael Berenti Literary Management is not responsible to pay  for any discrepancies that may arise from the miscalculation of such costs by the submitter, and in such case the above rule II as set on "General Rules" section will become applicable.

  • You may choose to be notified by email from us on our decision following the reading of your submission (option available for non-UK submitters only)



Reminder For All:

>> As detailed on Submissions Page, no formats other than hard copy is accepted and any unsolicited submissions made on other formats such as CD, DVD, Tape and similar formats will be destroyed immediately upon the receipt of any such material.

>> No email submissions are accepted. Our server side program detects such submissions, whether they are attachments or on-body material and either deletes such emails or returns to the sender whichever option is first found possible.


# Note:  Before enclosing a SAE you should consider that,  on many occasions, the cost of reprinting your work is more economical compared to the cost of its return postage.

# It is kindly recommended that the chosen envelope of the SAE should be one of the "Self-Sticking"  types as we cannot guarantee that other type envelopes would close securely.




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