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Please See Our Note On Entrance Page




  • You can send your submission (described below) without seeking invitation from us. We cannot possibly reply to queries to confirm the already provided details here.

  • Submissions should contain:

  1. First 1-3 chapters of your work, totalling not more than 50 pages. Please do NOT send your full manuscript.   

  2. Synopsis, not more than one page only. -Long synopsises are  disadvantageous to the author as the ability of describing things concisely is seen to be an important property. 

  3. Cover letter which contains information about who in particular the book is aimed at, its subject and length. It should also include your writing experience, your credits if you have been published before and any specialist knowledge that you may have in your subject area.

  • All submissions must be made on hard copy, typewritten with double spacing on one side of A4 paper, with each page accordingly numbered.

  • Please ensure that you retain at least one good copy of your work.

  • Please check our Guidance Page for useful tips on preparing a functional synopsis and cover letter.




  • All that above applies; in addition:

  1. It should also comply with the page-formatting standards accepted by the industry.





  1. Assessment of your work may take up to 6 weeks.

  2. We only accept hard copy submissions, which means "submissions on paper" only.

  3. We do NOT accept any form of electronic or data-recording-format submissions, namely NO submissions on CD, DVD, Tape, or any submissions as of attachments/on-body to emails are accepted.  All such unsolicited submissions made on CD, DVD, tape and similar formats will immediately be destroyed upon receipt. No email submissions in any configuration is read.

  4. Email-based submissions are unproductive practices as our server-side program detects such emails regardless of they are attachments or body-based  properties and either rejects such emails or deletes them whichever is the first available option.

  5. Please read our Returns page carefully. (see the Link Bar on top of the page)

Submissions should be addressed to:


Submissions Currently Suspended



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